Real Estate Professional Representation

Kirkland, McGhee & Gann PA represents realtors and real estate agents to guard against professional liability claims. If you’re a real estate agent, you understand all of the regulations that need to be met in order to meet the seller’s and buyer’s needs. You also realize that professional liability claims can adversely impact your license and standing. Any professional liability claim has the potential to damage your livelihood to some extent.

About Real Estate Professional Representation

Real estate professional representation deals with cases that arise from professional liability dealing with the sale of real estate. These types of claims might include errors, omissions, non disclosure allegations, issues with fiduciary responsibilities, and even fraud. Any of these allegations can be viewed as severe.

At Kirkland, McGhee & Gann, our attorneys are experienced in real estate professional representation. Not only can we assess a specific case, but we can provide assistance to our clients so that they can avoid situations in which there may be questions of propriety.

In most cases, complaints are filed by the real estate agent or the realtor’s client. These complaints might include any sort of negligence or a failure to take the client’s best interest into account. At Kirkland, McGhee & Gann, we represent the real estate agent or realtor to protect him or her from damages relating to these allegations.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Any professional allegation against a real estate attorney can be a serious matter. The leveling of fraud claims or other allegations can seriously diminish your ability to earn an income. It’s important that you have a plan in place to handle such a situation well in advance.

About Kirkland McGhee & Gann PA

At Kirkland, McGhee & Gann PA, our attorneys handle claims for real estate professionals. We understand exactly how traumatic a claim against you can be. We can help you understand the law applicable to the claim made against you.

Are You in Need of Professional Representation for Real Estate in Florida?

Are you a real estate agent or realtor in the state of Florida? Whether you’re facing a current claim or are just considering what the outcome might be in the event of a claim, it’s important to research attorneys and find the right fit before you actually need one.

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