Construction Defect Litigation

Kirkland McGhee & Gann PA offers a full range of construction defect litigation representation. Whether you’re a homeowner curious about your rights with regard to your property or a contractor trying to protect your business interests, our experienced team of lawyers can help. The lawyers at Kirkland McGhee & Gann PA offer a wealth of experience and personal service so that each case is individually assessed. We represent construction companies, homeowners’ associations and property owners. Our legal team is well-versed in all sides of the law, which means that our assessment of your case will take into account the opposing view and offer the best chance for successful litigation.

An Overview of Construction Defect Litigation

Construction defect litigation is a term that encompasses a range of cases in which there is an accusation of faulty construction. In order to bring a suit for construction defect, there must be damage to the property related to the construction process. Damage to the property will most often lower the property value, or the damage will need to be repaired in order to bring the property back up to the full estimated value.

In these cases, the construction process is sited as at fault for causing the damage. Some examples that may fall into a construction defect suit include poor-quality materials being used and incompetent construction.

These cases will generally arise after construction is completed. In some cases, the defect is immediately obvious and can easily be traced back to the construction process. In other cases, problems may take some time to become obvious. In those latent cases, it may not be immediately realized that the issue was caused by the construction process itself.

Construction defect suits may be brought for faulty construction resulting in property damage and may also be considered in cases in which there’s a breach of warranty.

Need for an Attorney in Cases of Construction Defect Litigation

In Florida, the construction defect law is detailed, and there are specific parameters that need to be met in order to successfully bring a suit. The current legislation includes a notice of claim requirement so that both parties often need to include very detailed statements about the damages. The contractor is then entitled to a response to the written claim, which needs to be just as detailed and gives the contractor the opportunity to offer to remedy any defect directly, rather than proceeding to litigation.

For property owners and homeowners’ associations, retaining counsel who are well-versed in construction defect litigation will mean a huge difference in the successful navigation of the claim requirements. For the contractor, retaining experienced legal counsel for these types of cases offers the opportunity to obtain a positive outcome in an efficient manner.

Kirkland McGhee & Gann’s Commitment to Clients

The legal team at Kirkland McGhee & Gann PA has a wealth of experience in construction defect litigation. Our office works with contractors as well as plaintiffs, such as property owners and associations. We’re well-versed in the types of damages that can arise from faulty construction, and we can accurately assess your case, offering the best possibly remedy.

We realize that these types of disputes can be stressful and taxing. For the property owner, cases such as these can be especially stressful because they can severely impact home life, business and finances. For contractors, attention to detail in these cases will mean the protection of your business and professional reputation. We know it’s essential that your case is handled with great care, which is why our attorneys take a personal approach with each client we serve.

Your case will be handled individually by an attorney who has experience in both sides of the construction defect law in Florida.

Are You in Need of a Construction Defect Attorney?

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